About The Hub

Kismet Health Hub is an integrative clinic offering a variety of health services and is the perfect place to begin your total health journey.

The Hub is the vision of Karly Raven, qualified naturopath, nutritionist and passionate health and wellness lifestyle enthusiast. With a focus on evidence-based practices for long-term health outcomes, Karly brings her knowledge, experience and an unwavering devotion to her clients, her colleagues and the industry. And her passion is contagious.

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Just like it takes a village to raise a child, Karly recognised that there’s no one-service-fits-all and that it takes the combined efforts of a range of practitioners to bring about the total health and wellbeing for all – for life! And so, the Hub was created.

Each practitioner works collaboratively with a specialised network of health professionals and the Hub brings together a selection of qualified, dedicated practitioners to ensure the complete health of clients is being managed – and to the highest standard possible. That’s just how we work in the Hub. We are committed, devoted and work together for the benefit of our clients.

Continually evolving and growing with the needs of our clients, the services currently available at the Hub include:











‘We are an integrative health hub with a passion for helping you take a natural approach to wellness.͛
—Kismet Health Hub

A positive and encouraging environment, the Hub aims to be the centre of your health and wellbeing for life.