Parents and families

* 1:1 counselling and coaching sessions for parenting concerns and issues

* Couples sessions for relationship difficulties within the family

* Group sessions for the whole family or relevant parties

Each session will work towards solving an issue or problem within the family and include tips and resources relevant to the topic. These resources will be collated over the duration of the coaching to build an individualised ‘frazzled parents survival toolbox’ to keep.

Session duration is typically one hour.


* 1:1 counselling, consultancy and coaching sessions for concerns and issues

Each session will include tips and resources relative to the session topic. Tips and resources will be collated over the duration of coaching to build an individualised strategies and resources toolbox to keep.

Session duration is typically one hour. Available face to face or via phone and/or Skype

Couples, friends, colleagues

* 1:1 relationship counselling

* Group sessions for relevant parties

Sessions will have a strong focus on how to build solid relationships and work on effective communication techniques including understanding one another’s values, beliefs, communication style, motivators, triggers and behaviour style. Tips and resources are provided as required.

Session duration is typically one hour. Available face to face or via phone and/or Skype.

Career counselling and coaching

Session 1 includes a two-hour ‘archaeological dig activity’ that digs for clues to help students learn what truly motivates them. We will also investigate dreams, goals, values, beliefs and purpose. This session includes a copy of The Career Manual – How to find a career you will love in 7 easy steps which will be used in the session.

Session 2 features a two-hour E-DISC profile, unpack and link to career choice considerations. (E-DISC profile additional cost.)

Session 3 includes a one- to two-hour summation of previous sessions and investigates and matches potential careers to the student’s E-DISC profile.

Additional coaching sessions available on request.

E-DISC behavioural profiling and two-hour unpack

Learn why you do what you do and why you don’t do what you don’t. Find out your communication, decision-making and problem-solving styles. Understand your strengths and stretches and what motivates you. Gain greater knowledge and appreciation of your behavioural style and how it impacts your relationships at home, school and work. Identify the tasks that require less energy for you to complete and those that require more energy and why.

E-DISC profiling is an amazing tool that provides invaluable knowledge and understanding. The information gained from this tool can be used in all settings.

E-Disc Profiling is suitable for age 16+. Session only available as face to face.