Prenatal Yoga

Providing physical and emotional guidance in a welcoming space during your pregnancy!

The perfect program for mums-to-be, prenatal yoga at the Hub is supportive, informative and conducted in a beautiful, welcoming space.

Under the guidance of qualified yoga instructor Genevieve Cullen, each class over the 10-week series will build on the previous session and progress with your pregnancy. Learn breathing techniques, how to balance body and mind and build strength, plus relieve some common but uncomfortable symptoms associated with changes occurring in the body.

A gentle and nurturing style of yoga, classes will also include physical and emotional wellbeing to ensure you are completely supported throughout your pregnancy and birth of your baby.

In short:

Supportive, informative and welcoming
Includes physical and emotional wellbeing – important!
Guided over 10 weeks (school term)
Suitable for second trimester onwards
Doctor’s consent required

Why prenatal yoga?

• Safe and effective gentle exercise throughout your pregnancy
• Guided by specialised and skilled yoga teacher
• Relieves aches and pains, especially lower back pain, sciatic and pelvic pain
• Helps you learn to love your changing body and adapt to weekly changes that occur
• Improves symptoms of nausea, heartburn, anxiety, fatigue and insomnia
• Regular weekly classes building on previous week’s practice
• Excellent way to help prepare your body and mind for your baby’s birth

2019 Prenatal yoga term dates:

Term 1 – Tuesday, 29 January – Friday 5 April (10 weeks)
Term 2 – Tuesday, 23 April – Friday 28 June (10 weeks)
Term 3 – Monday, 15 July – Friday 20 September (10 weeks)
Term 4 – Monday 7 October – Friday 20 December (11 weeks)

Full program: $250/10 weeks
Casual: $28/class


  • If you are new to yoga, we recommend commencing at the beginning of your second trimester (week 13) to gain maximum benefit throughout your pregnancy. If you already have a consistent yoga practice, you are welcome to start Prenatal yoga classes at any time.

    If you are more than 30 weeks pregnant, please call us and we will assess your suitability.

  • When your baby is born! Our yoga classes are tailored to be safe for you right up until you give birth.

  • No knowledge of yoga practice is required and you don’t need to have a certain level of fitness to begin. All you need is a commitment to attend at least one class per week to reap the benefits

  • Your classes will remain on your account for up to three months after your baby’s birth. If you need longer, just let us know.

Join at any time and receive 10 weeks of classes, spread over different terms if needed. Note: Classes will break during school holidays.

Enrol via link: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=993653&stype=-7&sTG=31&sVT=35&sView=day&sLoc=1&sTrn=100000017

Contact us: (03) 57983829 or reception@kismethealthhub.com.au